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Living a Life of Passion and Purpose ™ * A Signature Program *

Oh to be 18 again.  How often to we say to ourselves, if we knew at 18 what we now know at 40, how different would the path taken have been?

I am Caryn FitzGerald, an international life coach who was a mental health therapist by trade until I left corporate in 2003 to pursue my passion of helping others to create their dream life.

My signature program, “Living a Life of Passion and Purpose” ™ offers both one-on-one and group coaching and presentations for 18-24 year olds navigating into adulthood.  In this program, I cover the steps to empowerment, learning about and using available resources, finances, self-esteem, goal setting, life planning and additional strategies for designing your life. Contact me to arrange for a one-on-one consultation or to schedule group or individual coaching sessions.

GOALs: Going Outrageous, Ambitious and Limitless ™ * A Signature Program *

Ever wonder why it seems some people waltz through life with an ease that allows for them to receive all they desire? Ever hear someone say they are going to be, do, achieve something and shortly thereafter, it becomes reality? Would you like to know the secrets to making this all occur within YOUR life?

I am Caryn FitzGerald and I’m known as “The Manifesting Queen” because of my ability to create an intention, focus upon it and use a very specific set of techniques to bring that intention to life in a very short period of time.

This program is called, “GOALs: Going Outrageous, Ambitious and Limitless” ™ and in this program I cover the steps to making this all a reality in your life. Become a manifesting king or queen in your own right. Design your life, improve your relationships, balance your health and monetize your passions.

I’ve been working with Caryn now for about 4 or 5 years. I’ve been amazed at her understanding on the online community and, most importantly, how to navigate through it from a marketing sense. Not a high-pitch, high volume marketer, but as a ‘normal’; person who gets tremendous results. As owner of a coaching company for home business entrepreneurs, I’ve had Caryn coach ME and my clients on generating leads online, working with networking groups to expand spheres of influence, and recently had her as our guest trainer for several webinars teaching our clients what social media marketing is all about and how to do it. We received some of the best feedback from those webinars. Caryn really knows her stuff, and if you are tired of the ‘hype’; that’s out there from online marketers trying to sell you their courses, you’ll find a real, low-key, results-driven training from Caryn. I highly recommend her to anyone that’s why I KEEP bringing her back to teach our clients.
Beatty Carmichael | President/CEO ,
G.O.A.L.s = Start Here!

CREATE. COLLABORATE. MONETIZE. ™ * A Signature Program *

In my signature presentation and course, I go in-depth on achieving any success you desire and bringing your vision to life simply by using these three steps.

the vision.

to make it move and grow quickly.

your passion to increase your bank account, all at the service of others.

I wanted to thank you for giving us such valuable info the other day. We have already implemented some of your ideas and seen the results.
Rachel House, Owner , Pit To Palace Cleaning
Start Creating Here!

Unveiling the Mystery of Network Marketing

Create success within the network marketing industry. I bring 25 years of experience and personal successes and failures forward in this fun-filled training. Team webinars and One-on-one coaching are also available.

Learn how to effectively use social media sites to create new contacts and turn cold leads into warm market almost immediately.

Thank you for the comprehensive information that you shared regarding social networking. Not only am I no longer intimidated by this tool, I am aware of the vast possibilities available to assist me in making new contacts to grow my business. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
Janice | Network Marketing Professional
I have been around Network Marketing for 5 years. I have trained on Internet Marketing multiple times but never received the blessing I received from Caryn’s Social Networking 101 Webinar. I say it’s a blessing because I learned so much and saw what I was doing wrong on Facebook, Myspace and Etc. By the time I got off her call I was able to fix the problems and have had over 5 contacts because of it. This was a wonderful blessing and an awesome call, I can’t wait till part two and three!!! Thank you Caryn.
Martavius | Network Marketing Professional
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