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Meet Caryn

Caryn FitzGerald
Caryn FitzGeraldSpeaker, Coach, Entreprenuer
Caryn specializes in assisting people who are at a cross-roads in life or business, to shift their mindset and actions, creating a pathway to continue on their journey towards attaining their goals and bringing their dreams to life!

About Caryn

After losing her career overnight in a move to a new state, Caryn shifted from a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s in Professional Relations to an entrepreneur seeking a way to monetize her passion. In the decades to follow, she found herself learning, growing, expanding and creating several successful businesses, earning 7-figures in network marketing / mlm. She has shared the stage with top leaders, multi-million-dollar income earners, all passionate people taking action to make a difference in the world today!

Caryn is a dynamic keynote speaker and provides one-on-one strategic coaching for those who are ready to make shifts in their lives. Her vision is all about bringing together people full of desire to make a difference and willing to take the action steps required daily to do so. She has been interviewed on radio, podcast, blog and books. As an early adopter, Caryn was earning income through Internet Marketing as early as 1999 and was featured in the book: “Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets from the Experts who are Making Millions on the Internet Today” (Atlantic Publishing Group, 2006), still available on Amazon today.

Connect with Caryn at: http://www.facebook.com/themanifestingqueen

Caryn’s signature presentations, “GOALs = Going Outrageous, Ambitious and Limitless” and “Create, Collaborate and Monetize” are fun, passion-filled adventures that allow people who are really ready to make their shifts, move into a more fulfilled life, expanding relationships in areas of both business and personal life.

Learn the secrets to enhancing focus and mindset and improving health while increasing the flow of income. It’s a peaceful and enjoyable place to live. And you deserve to be there now!

    As an author, Caryn has always enjoyed finding ways to put books in the hands of those seeking knowledge for personal growth and development. The Empowerment Library Project began as a way to advance this vision.

    Books sent to Coffee and Coaching with Caryn are donated to The Empowerment Library Project for others to have free access to reading, learning from, implementing the lessons and enhancing their lives.

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