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Caryn FitzGerald

AKA “The Manifesting Queen”

Solution-focused mindset, executive coach and social influencer who has been building and teaching duplication strategies online since 2004.

I am a visionary who loves creating with fabulous people around the world.

My areas of specialty include:

  • Social media coaching
  • Customer and sales creation
  • Attraction marketing
  • Life plan design
  • Corporate exit strategies

When you are ready to focus on your life’s passion, I am the person you want as your mentor and collaborator.

Author, Speaker & Elite Professional Network Marketer, who has earned 7-figures in mlm and teaches others to do the same.

It’s never about the money. It’s about the freedom created by becoming the person you are meant to be.

Come Flip Flop Your Lifestyle with me today!

Create, Collaborate and Design Your Life!

I specialize in assisting people who are at a cross-roads in life or business, to shift their mindset and actions, creating a pathway to continue on their journey towards attaining their goals and bringing their dreams to life!

Are you ready to Flip Flop Your Lifestyle?  I mentor and collaborate with those who are ready to make shifts in their lives and who are willing to take responsibility for the personal daily action steps required to make change happen. My vision is all about bringing together people full of desire to make a difference and willing to take the action steps required daily to do so.

As a professional network marketer who launched into the industry in 1990 with a fierce intensity that has allowed me to create the life I desired, I am passionate about helping others create the freedom they desire, whether it be through network marketing or a traditional business, together we can bring your dreams to life!

What does that mean?  Simply put, when you are ready to Flip Flop Your Lifestyle and focus on your passion, I am the person you want to mentor you and collaborate with to bring your dreams to life!

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